PaMu Slide True Wireless Headphones Reviews

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Hello brothers and sisters, after a period of stalking I picked up a Pamu Slide – Genuine goods to experience here. I do not buy to call for capital because many doctors buy and then complained so much. So it has to be a genuine 12-month warranty that I dare to buy to now have an ax for “peace of mind”.

Padmate Pamu is no stranger to everyone after the great success of Pamu Scroll. However, Scroll has many defects that prevent the product from “peaking”. So Padmate has launched Pamu Slide with many outstanding improvements, with the price is also “improved”. However, the upgrades of Slide compared to Scroll are very worth the money. Here I will go into analysis to give you a detailed view of this extremely hot true wireless headset.


Actually eager to try it, so I forgot to take a shot while still having seal. Well, the idea doesn’t matter. Mostly the box was beaten how it is. The box is quite simple with a white outer cover, printed with a pretty prominent product image, and aptX logo on the bottom. This is almost the standard must have for quality tws in 2019.

The back is just a word with full product specifications in many languages ​​(international products that li). I have a Pamu Slide – T6W – with wireless reverse charging (will talk later). Inside is a black cover, unfolding this long, cool form! Our product is under this clear plastic layer. Damn, so much class.

And here is our main character today: True Wireless Pamu Slide Headphones. Set aside temporarily, let’s continue to see what’s in the box? Is it different from the capital call? The bottom is a pretty big leather bag used to hold the headphones, inside the bag is a user manual that I never asked to read (I’m lazy but everyone should read because each pair of tws headphones is a type of control, not reading) it’s been a long time). In the small Pamu box of paper was the pile of accessories, as expected.

All accessories in the box, exactly the same call for capital. And thank goodness, that’s a Type-C cable, you guys understand what standard charger dock is.
Padmate is very generous this time, for 6 pairs of tips, ensuring everyone’s ears fit. In addition to the size S / M / L (gray), as usual, there is S + / M + / L + (black), which is slightly larger than the standard size. You should try each pair to choose the best pair of tips for your ears, this is very important because it will greatly affect the wearing / listening experience. For me, normal size M is the best.


Appearance of the charging dock of Pamu Slide must say is very unique. It is designed in a square shape, above is an eye-catching “honeycomb grid” pattern with the word Pamu in the center. Below are 4 white LEDs that show the remaining battery capacity of the dock.
This charging dock is a prominent feature, creating the name SLIDE of the product. Slide up mechanism to open the dock very nicely.

Slider mechanical unit with single spring. This part is the part I do not like the most in the charging dock. It is quite loose. Although sliding is quite smooth and slippery, but because it is uncertain, the experience is not really complete and feels not high-end.

Pamu Slide will have 3 colors: White, Black and Green. Green is very beautiful, but this time has not returned. I bought black to clean. I don’t like white.

PaMu Slide True Wireless Headphones Reviews

On the side of the charging dock is only one side on the side that has a button and a USB Type-C port (yes, thank goodness, there’s a Type-C port, now all the type-C accessories, naturally, a MicroUSB stick out is hard. I can’t help it) and the other 3 sides are empty. What the other button to do, then say later.

The main headset

The headset is designed as “truncated” like Airpods, not a capsule like Pamu Scroll anymore. Some people will like this and that more, depending on their taste. But like me, I like all, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The protruding portion of Pamu Slide elected and swelled at the end, not as straight as Apple’s headphones. The outside of this section is Pamu and the status indicator. The inside is 2-pin exposed dock for charging, the main microphone at the rear of the headset. There is also an extra microphone in the housing too.

The housing of Pamu Slide is quite large, but the ergonomic design should not interfere with wearing at all. The outer part of the housing is also covered with a layer of rubber to enhance impact resistance. This rubber case is not attached so it can be removed, so it is a bit uncertain. This design is a bit confusing?!?!

As an in-ear, the Pamu Slide has external sound tubes and rubber tips like every other wireless in ear headphones. However, the tips for Slide are a bit different, not oval as usual. This design helps tips go deeper into the ear. You can completely replace the other spinfit sponge tips, depending on your needs.

The plastic of Pamu Slide is quite high and shiny. The quality of the finishing is much better than the call of capital, no more inconsistent or misleading points.


Still touch control, but Pamu Slide has been upgraded compared to Pamu Scroll. The touch is more sensitive, the latency is much lower. With Pamu Slide, I rarely click. And almost the headset will execute the command immediately, not delay 2s as the old version. When receiving the headset command will sound “headline” so the user knows it has received the operation. This is a small but very useful addition.

Pamu Slide is quite full of control operation but still has not “Return to the previous song”, only “Move to the next song”. Sometimes this is quite inconvenient if you press too hard, you have to leave the phone to choose again: <Hope Pamu adds this operation in the next product.

Feeling of wearing

This is extremely important for every true wireless headphones. It determines whether you can wear the headset for a long time and whether it is comfortable to use or not.

Unlike normal wire headset, used to enjoy music in a short time (about 1 hour). True wireless headphones are often used for convenience, wearable throughout. This is the money of Airpods, wearing as not wearing, wearing very comfortable and can be worn all day without ear pain.

So Pamu Slide is like Airpods? The answer is yes and no!

“Yes” at Pamu Slide is very light so it makes it almost impossible to wear something. Ergonomic housing design along with oval tips also increase wearing comfort. However, Pamu Slide still “No”for wear-resistant all day long like Airpods. In fact, there are no in-ear headphones that can do this (even more expensive models) because the characteristics of in-ear headphones are completely different from the earbuds. But to confirm that Pamu Slide is one of the most comfortable in-ear headphones in the segment. Users can completely wear headphones for 4-5 hours continuously and then take a break for a while and then wear it again (do morning shift, spend a little lunch break, and then return to wear it during afternoon shift, for example).


This is the most paper-consuming part. Do true wireless headphones need to? Airpods sound very normal, expensive but still selling!

Yes, whatever the headset is, it must be good, not too good, it should be usable but convenient to hear like punching in the ears is also thrown away.
Thankfully, Pamu Slide does not disappoint at all.
I’m not an audiophile so I would rate the sound quality as a normal user. And who is difficult, they must play a few dozen headsets, then fortunately not grimaced.

What do ordinary users care about?

One , is the volume loud? It’s very big, guys, it’s 60% turned on already, and I can’t hear anything outside.
Two , bass – is bass good? Both yes and no. Pamu Slide’s bass has improved a lot compared to Pamu Scroll. The amount is much better than its predecessor. But physically there is a problem. That is the bass of the headset is not sure, but loud but beating no bounce and the phenomenon of pulling the tail quite clearly. Padmate still needs to improve this point in the next version.
Three, what about the other tonal bands? Middle – mid sound good. The singer’s voice is clear and detailed. This is the highlight of the product, following the typical Pamu Scroll. High sound – treb at shoulder level. The specific music expressed enough, not too impressive but also pleases the majority of consumers.
Four , how soundproof? Yes, in-ear + ergonomic design + big volume = great soundproofing. Users absolutely do not hear the outside noise with the volume level is only half old.
Finally , is that sound good or not? Delicious, for more than 2 million, the expression of Pamu Slide is excellent. Although I still need to improve on Bass but I believe 90% of general users are completely satisfied with the sound quality of Pamu Slide.

As for the microphone conversation. I claimed to launch on 60km / h by motorbike, then no headphones can be. If the wind is so great, then whatever microphone headset you can filter out. But going 40km / h or at a cafe, many headsets can handle it. Pamu Slide is one of them. With the lengthened body of the headset combined with 2 microphones (the bottom main mic, the secondary mic in the housing), the Pamu Slide captures better than the Pamu Scroll (the headset has been shortened and the mic is facing out, wtf!). I will have a test on the detailed microphone in the video for everyone later.

Battery, charger, connectivity and extended features

You can see the “60-hour battery” section in the selling point of the product. Not slashing at all! With a huge battery capacity (85mAh on each side and up to 2000mAh of the charging dock), Pamu Slide provides 9-10 hours of music playing and charges for an additional 5-6 times. Total time can reach up to 60 hours as advertised. I have used to watch movies and listen to music for 9 hours and 20 minutes, the headphones need to charge. So terrible! This test made me very tired, but normally no one would have to sit and listen for nearly 10 hours. And if you leave it on standby, you won’t need it all week. Damn it!

With a 2000mAh capacity, the product’s dock can be used as a backup battery in some emergencies (do not carry cables, but need to charge the phone quickly to call home for example). With the feature “wireless reverse charging” is very strange =)) Just press and hold the button on the box until the “beep” is able to charge phones that support wireless charging through the back of the dock. But it can charge other devices, not wireless ones themselves. This is hard to understand!

And thanks to the trendy USB Type-C port, fast charging is possible. It only takes a few minutes to charge temporarily, and the time to fully charge the dock is also very fast, only about 1 hour and 30 minutes (considering the dock has a capacity of up to 2000mAh and the recommended charging current is 5V-0, 7A is very fast then, the father just plugged the charger quickly, a few meals are bottle batteries immediately). Now I can get rid of the MicroUSB cable, so happy.

It can be seen that sacrificing a compact dock design in exchange for a terrible battery capacity is also very meaningful when giving the device a very very impressive use time.

As for connectivity, Pamu Slide plays max level with Bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm’s exquisite TWS QCC3020 chip, supports extremely stable connection and aptX high-quality wireless audio transmission codec. In fact, the connection of Pamu Slide is very stable, during 1 week I dropped the connection exactly once. And I’m far away from the phone about 8m then still connected normally (run to meet William Cuong Y). Sound quality is much better transmitted through headphones without aptX (for example, the Scroll I am using, Pamu Scroll has aptX support).

Bonus is Slide using two independent ears and automatically connected when lifted off the charging dock. This is already standard, any tws that don’t even connect this way will be removed right from the parking lot.

Compare with Pamu Scroll

Regarding the appearance of the dock, this is very different, Scroll, the tube-shaped dock and the skin, Slide is sliding, then the lid The “honeycomb net” slides up. Each has a name that matches the unique design of the charging dock. But the point is all beautiful and different from the rest of the world of true wireless earphones today.

The headset also demonstrates the new philosophy of Padmate: the pupal headphones are not really optimal. The company switched to the “amputation” format (mum, I don’t know what to name it with this Airpods format) to be able to make better use of the space in the headset (increase battery, increase mic, reduce part size housing). But personally, I think the housing of Scroll is beautiful and different, if the company still keeps this design, only the protruding part will be delicious.

Pamu Slide improved over Pamu Scroll what?

  • First , it is the battery capacity, with 60 hours of use, Pamu Slide is 6 times more than the normal Scroll.
  • Second , touch is much more delicious. The touch pad of the Scroll has not been sensitive, the speed of receiving the super turtle command, delay up to 2 seconds to receive the command. Meanwhile, Pamu Slide almost immediately receives control commands, only less than 1s in size, absolutely not annoying to the user.
  • Third , the bass volume is higher. Scroll sounds pretty good but the bass is really low in volume compared to many other in-ear headphones. Slide has increased the amount of bass greatly, satisfying the majority of common users. However, the bass is not sure and still dragging the tail, need to improve in the next product.
  • Wednesday, more stable connection. With QCC3020 chip, support aptX, Slide brings a much better connection. Almost with Pamu Slide, I did not lose the connection, which happens quite often with Scroll (regular version). Having aptX also offers a much better sound transmission capability than Scroll.
  • Finally , the comfort to wear. Ergonomically designed slides and oval tips make the ears a lot better. In addition, due to the design, the housing is a bit smaller than Scroll, resulting in longer wear and fatigue than Scroll.

Although Pamu Slide has many improvements, there are still disadvantages:

  • The charging box is too hard to pocket!
    Both the Slide and Scroll docks are too big, making it difficult to carry or carry around in your pants. A compact dock like Airpods or Sabbat X12 is really convenient for carrying around. The Slide has a huge battery capacity that partially compensates for this, but if the removal of the wireless reverse charging feature is not really too necessary to make the dock a bit thinner, it is better.
  • The design is not perfect!
    Scroll errors headphones uncertain in the dock, the lid is easy to peel, broken. On Slide, it is difficult to remove the right headphone from the box and the slide is loose. If Padmate elaborated a bit more, these flawed design errors would not exist.

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