Enjoy Quality Lifestyle with PaMu Slide

Simplicity, as a life attitude and concept that is popular all over the world, is simple and beautiful, and it has been longing for modern people. A minimalist lifestyle is a re-understanding of ourselves and a redefinition of freedom. When we cannot heal ourselves in work, sports, life, and travel, we often need some beautiful things to stimulate us to reexamine ourselves and enjoy minimalism. Light experience brings quality life.


The work time is enlarged from 8 hours to 10-15 hours on working day, and even online 24 hours a day, all year round … The continuous squeezing makes people have no breathing space, soothing the fatigue of the body requires a high degree of freedom of the soul: open the music, plug Into the headphones, when the music slowly flows into your ears, the world seems to be suddenly isolated.

A black technology headset that can last 10 hours on a single full charge—Padmate noise reduction pie: PaMuSlide & PaMuSlideMini true wireless noise reduction headphones become your partner, even if you work overtime temporarily, you are not afraid. Music may not keep you high at work, but it can draw a world for you and draw energy from the free universe.

Enjoy Quality Lifestyle with PaMu Slide


Doze off at work, lethargy after work Chaos and use of chicken blood are useless, let music wake you up! Music + movement makes the spirit and physical freedom more free, with these two stylish PaMu Slide & PaMu Slide Mini true wireless noise-cancelling headphones: the shape contours simulate human ear The ear canal and the periphery are uniformly stressed, and the earplugs are designed to prevent slipping and fall off.


At home, I must listen to my parents ’sorrow, and in the company I have to listen to the talk of leaders. When I go out, I have to accept the“ care ”of various relatives and friends. Attitude: To shield the noise of life and streamline social life to enjoy life more purely.

Put on headphones to make your life “noise”: This headset has dual microphone noise reduction technology combined with CVC software algorithms and engineering adjustments. It is equipped with dual microphone signal separation (DMSS) DSP processing technology for effective noise suppression. And the auditory experience provided.

No matter where the noise comes from, PaMu Slide is fully shielded. Surrounding speech, noise on the road, and noisy music in the background are all blocked out of the ear. There is also automatic gain control during a call, no matter how loud the user speaks, he can control his speech in a good volume range.


Occasionally stop and recharge yourself, nothing can be more healing than traveling. No matter when traveling on weekends or holidays, a person always seems to be free and comfortable. Headphones are your good companion on the journey. The long battery life makes traveling easier and more enjoyable.

Signal stability has always been one of the problems for tourists. Facilities in less-populated places are not complete, and signal interference is strong in places with more people. This headset is equipped with carefully tuned LDS antenna technology, which can effectively stabilize the signal and shield interference, and maintain a stable connection in various environments. Higher radiation efficiency also improves the connection stability of TWS headsets, ensuring that it is used in buses and subways. It can be used normally in places with poor electronic environment such as railway stations.

Traveling with a power bank must be the subconscious of tourists, but the extra items always occupy land and increase weight. Although sharing power banks is now everywhere, it is not always convenient. PaMuSlide True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones has a built-in wireless charging transmitter that can charge the headset / mobile phone for emergency charging. PaMuSlide’s two-in-one design of headphones and chargers also brings a new benchmarking experience to the industry.

The 2000mAh large-capacity battery can charge the headset 5 times and provide a total battery life of about 60 hours. It is more than enough for a three-day holiday, which is simply a good travel companion in history.

 For a long time, minimalism has always been labeled by everyone as “coldness.” In fact, its life is very strong. Underneath the appearance of simplicity, a very delicate soul is hidden, a kind of enjoyment. The “exquisite” attitude of life is exactly the same as this headset passed to us: simplifying complexity, promoting personalization, and pursuing quality of life. At the same time, by redefining the way of audio-visual leisure, people can experience a fun and novel interaction experience.

PaMu Slide & PaMu Slide Mini True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones were released at Moldac.com on October 10th.

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