Pink Memories – PaMu Slide Mini from Padmate-tech

The packaging style of Pamu’s Slide Mini true wireless Bluetooth headset is not much new. Take a look at the charging case first. The long rounded design, skin-friendly material, and good hand feel, the “Puma” logo is marked on the charging case, which is similar to the new AirPods Pro. The shape is still very mini on my hand. The front of the charging box is 4 LED power indicators, there are no extra buttons and signs, and it is relatively simple. On the back of the charging case is a “Type-C” charging interface.

Pink Memories - PaMu Slide Mini from Padmate-tech

Let’s take a look at the headset itself. The whole body is pink. The entire structure is composed of wireless in ear headphones and the headset handle. In a rough look, it is really similar to the AirPods Pro. The position of the headset handle is also marked with the “Pamu” brand logo. It seems that there are advertisements everywhere. For people like me who like simple style, the logo on this side is really redundant. Above the brand logo is a LED indicator, it is responsible for the display of instructions under conditions such as connection. There are two metal contacts on the inside of the earphone handle, which are responsible for charging in the charging box. The inside of the charging box is also provided with corresponding contacts. This solution is the current in-box charging solution for most wireless headphones. At the bottom is a microphone for headphones.

This headset has a ring of silicone added to the headset, so it can jam the auricle, and it will not slip when you walk or shake your head. If the head of the headset can be designed smaller, it will be even more It’s perfect.

According to the experience of the game and the performance of the whole game, the overall game sound effect is restored very well, and there are no problems. The connection part is more stable due to the addition of Bluetooth 5.0 and APTX. In the same scene, I happen to have this Pamu Slide Mini and Meizu EP63 NC noise-cancelling headphones. Meizu ’s model uses active noise reduction to cancel the noise. In actual experience, Meizu ’s noise reduction is even better. Both the train running sound and the ambient sound were reduced. But the performance of Pamu Slide Mini is also good, and the noise of the train is reduced a lot, which is quite unexpected to me, it is an unexpected surprise.

To sum up, Pamu Slide Mini headphones are very stable in the connection part, the touch operation is more sensitive, and there are some surprises in noise reduction, but the disconnection and delay phenomenon also exists, but it is not so serious, and the game scene may be Under certain interference.

After a week of use and basic testing, I made the following summary of this Bluetooth headset:


  • In the same price headphones, the material is sufficient, and the cost performance is very high.
  • The appearance design is small and exquisite, the shape is flattering, and there are more colors to choose from
  • The touch operation is very sensitive, the volume increase and decrease, and the voice assistant are very easy to use. It has been optimized for the special use of Apple phones.
  • In a complex environment, the connection is relatively stable, has a certain noise reduction effect, and the audio transmission quality is high,
  • In actual use, the endurance of the headset is satisfactory, and moderate users can charge it once a week.


  • In some scenes (games, etc.) there will be sometime disconnections and fewer delays.
  • There is a problem with the quality control of the headset. Many seams are too large. Although it does not affect the use, it needs to be improved.

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