PaMu Slide Mini: True Wireless In-ear Headphones with Touch Controls

The sport-compatible, cable-free In-Ears Pamu Slide Mini from Padmate-tech are round and powerfully tuned, offer an extremely comfortable, stable fit and excel with excellent endurance values, which affects both the runtime of the listeners and the battery reserve of the transport case.

PaMu Slide Mini: True Wireless In-ear Headphones with Touch Controls

Thanks to their ergonomic shape, the In-Ears fit perfectly into the ear cup and are hardly noticed when worn, even in view of the very low weight of seven grams per side. It is also commendable that silicone ear tips are supplied in six variants so that the seat can be optimally adjusted. At the same time, there is a stable hold, which enables sporting activities, especially since the listeners are processed to be sweat and water resistant in accordance with IPX6, which offers protection from weather-related moisture outdoors and simplifies cleaning. From a visual point of view, the in-ears hardly stand out, which means that they can also be stored under a hat.

The listeners delivered top scores in the battery test, since the runtime at a good medium level ranged between ten and eleven hours depending on the device. In addition, the in-ears in the transport case, which serves as a charging station and provides a reserve of 400 mAh, could be fully recharged a total of 2 times without the capacity being used up. A total runtime of more than 30 hours was achieved, which is an outstanding result that is still above the manufacturer’s specification. The quick-charging function, on the other hand, revealed weaknesses, since after five minutes of power supply the listeners could not be used for 1 hour, but between 30 and 40 minutes. While the in-ears are fully recharged in just under 100 minutes, a charging cycle of the transport box, which has a USB-C connection, requires a good three and a half hours. A USB-C to USB-A charging cable is also included.

The pairing of the listeners, which support the Bluetooth standard 5.0 and, in combination with various Android and iOS devices, offered a stable range of around eight meters, can be done directly from the case. This turns the system on and puts it in pairing mode, while placing it back in the charger causes it to turn off. If there is a radio connection, tapping the touch-sensitive surface is used to start and stop playback and to answer and end calls, which is possible on both sides. Voice assistants, on the other hand, can be called up by tapping the left side twice, which allows you to jump to the next title on the right side. In addition, the volume control can be controlled, by reducing the level by a long tap on the left earpiece and increasing it on the right side. Jumping back is not necessary when navigating tracks, but otherwise the remote works perfectly. Speech intelligibility when using the phone is also good, although the quality of the display is limited because the heights tend to be distorted.

The Pamu Slide Mini have a full, rounded sound with a slight bass emphasis, which is more earthy and warm than bright or hypothermic. However, the sound image does not appear completely clear, but a little overcast and the bass also emits a certain dullness. The bass foundation sounds very punchy and extends very deep, so that productions with a depth come into their own. However, I miss precision in the low frequency display, since the basses could sound more defined overall. In contrast, the mids are depicted clearly more clearly and with a very pleasant, warm embossing, from which vocals benefit in particular. On the other hand, the heights appear more reserved and unobtrusive, so that no harshness or hardness is perceptible even at high levels, which has a positive effect on sibilants, for example. However, the opening of the sound is also inhibited, which can create density, but also a compressed narrowness. This does not have to spoil the listening pleasure in everyday life, during sports or when traveling, where a compact, present sound can be desired and advantageous. However, the listeners cannot meet a higher standard of sound quality.

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