The Best AirPod Competitor You Never Heard Of – PaMu Slide

Have you ever wanted airpods? Wanted better battery life, better sound quality, and come in a color that’s other than white? Today, we’re talking about the pamu slide which will offer everything you want.

I’ve never heard of then before, they’re a company that’s been making headphones for around 10 years. Pamu slide is their latest one and I think you’ll like it. Okay, let’s get started. First, you just take them out the case, they’re already in pairing mode, so you got to do is have your phone ready, and you can get started right away.

The Best AirPod Competitor You Never Heard Of - PaMu Slide

These are equipped with rubber tips, so if they have trouble fitting your ears, you can change the tips. There IPX6 water resistant, they can handle sweat and heavy rain. As well as having touch controls on both. You’re getting some pretty good sound in here. You are getting good clarity good bass. They’re definitely small earbuds but big sound. The secret sauce behind this is actually a Qualcomm chip, it’s the qcc 3020 processor, so it utilizes less power and turns into a better battery life, stronger signal and overall better sound quality. When I made a phone calls, you know people said they hear me fine clear.

This has probably the best battery life that I’ve seen on any earbuds. They will give you around 10 hours of use, that’s right, 10 hours per charge. Before you have to go, put it in the charger case and it will being in charge in the case. Speaking of the charging case, do we mention it doubles as a wireless power banks? It’s not gonna you know charge fast or whatever but it’s good enough to give you some extra juice if you’re in a pinch kind of like the reverse wireless charging on smartphones.

They sought out to make the best earbuds you can buy, and I can say they are pretty much fit you, give good sound quality, better fit, longer battery life and different color variations, currently on sale right now on IndieGoGo. If you’re interested, you can check them out here, or you can buy them on the Moldac after the indiegogo campaign gone.

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