PaMu Slide Headphones, A Real Alternative for Airpods?

Here is the pamu slide headphones:

The Best AirPod Competitor You Never Heard Of - PaMu Slide

The package includes a USB cable (quite short), a USB, power adapter is not included. The silicone attachments are available in 6 different sizes.

Here is a detail photo of In Ears:

PaMu Slide Headphones, A Real Alternative for Airpods?

The technical data I save myself. You can get that from There is also the charging box with a wireless charging function. I did not buy this variant though.

Processing: very neat, even the charging box is haptic quite good.

The part is, however, significantly larger than the box of the Airpods:

PaMu Slide Headphones, A Real Alternative for Airpods?

The pamu slide are also heavier than the Airpods, probably due to the larger battery. The pamu slide are supposed to perform up to 11 hours of music, compared to the Airpods only max 5.

The following functions can be performed on the pamu slide by tapping on a sensor surface:

  • 1 tap (L or R): start / stop playback
  • 2 x tap right: piece forward
  • 2 times left: activate voice control
  • Hold down the sensor area on the left: decrease the volume
  • Hold down the sensor area on the right: increase the volume

For incoming call:

  • Tap once: accept
  • 2 x tap: reject

Comfort and sound:

Ok, from now on it will be subjective. With me, I do not get any matching seal with no matter what silicone attachment, so that the bass range is unacceptable for me, even less than the open airpods (as I said, on my ears). That may be better for other ears, but they just do not suit me. Middle and highs are completely ok, only the missing bass sounds the whole thing quite unfortunate.

I use the Airpods while jogging. The hold with me very well and have the advantage that I hear even cyclists who roll up from behind. The PAMU gives me an insecure feeling (even though they did not fall out while jogging today …) and the parts make noises in my ear.

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