Padmate TWS Headphone PaMu Scroll Review

In recent months we have heard so much about PadMate’s PaMu Scroll. After a long period of testing we can finally tell you about these In-Ear bluetooth headphones.


Very nice and essential packaging. Inside the box, very accurate, we find:

PaMu Scroll
USB to Micro USB cable
Gommini size S, L and M already installed.
Manuals in English.

A complete package, which does not include an Italian manual, even if almost useless, and the wireless charging module, which must be purchased separately.

Padmate TWS Headphone PaMu Scroll Review


The PaMu Scrolls have a very elegant and compact design. Their dimensions are very small. Like their weight, of about 5 grams. From this data we can deduce that the audio quality is not the top, as indeed happens in all in-ear bluetooth headphones.

Not all In-Ear are IPX6 certified, that is water resistant, and support touch controls. Exact! the PaMu Scrolls are touch. We list all the commands in the table below.


The audio quality, as already mentioned, falls within the average. Certainly excellent for In-Ear headphones, but with not very low bass. Medium and high, on the other hand, they are well balanced. Passive soundproofing is excellent. The grommets are very comfortable and perfectly insulate.

Audio on call is great, the caller does not notice the difference, especially with both headsets. This is because the Binatural Audio Call will be used.


As stated by PadMate, the battery lasts about three and a half hours in music playback. The PaMu Scrolls will be recharged through the charging case, which will be able to complete as many as 3 charging cycles of the earphones, before having to be charged via Micro-USB cable. On the right side of the case there are four LEDs that indicate the charge level. On the left side, instead, we find the Micro-USB input.

It should be noted that the headphones will automatically activate as soon as they are removed from the charging case, and they will turn off as soon as they are placed inside.

We also inform you that it is not possible to use only the left earpiece, since the bluetooth receiver is placed in the right one.


The real strength of these earphones is bluetooth connectivity. The PaMu Scrolls, in fact, are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. The latter allows an almost instant pairing and a range of action four times greater than in 4.2.


Good sound, excellent soundproofing and battery life. Convenient touch controls, but it is not possible to raise and lower the volume. The charging case is really well done and very beautiful aesthetically. Too bad for the rather generous dimensions, which however are not excessive and do not bother you in your pocket.

Bluetooth 5.0 is certainly the strong point of these headphones. Incredible pairing and range of use. The inability to use only the left earpiece in the long run can be a big downside. The IPX6 certification, that is water resistant, is a plus not to be underestimated, since many other headsets, even more expensive, are not equipped with them. (See Apple AirPods)

In conclusion, we can only advise you to purchase PadMate’s PaMu Scrolls, they are available on Moldac now.

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