PaMu Slide Is The Best Buy or Chatter Only?

Padmate tries to repeat the success of the Indigogo formula by making the new pamu slides wireless headphones available on the crowdfunding website.

I have been able to try them for more than a week and in this review I will tell you what convinced me and what not of the new padmate pamu slide.


As for the sales package, this is well made but above all well supplied. In fact, several adaptive pads for the auditory pavilions and a USB charging cable – USB Type C will be available in the pack. Really a lot of stuff given the particularly low selling price.

The Best AirPod Competitor You Never Heard Of - PaMu Slide

Inside the package we will find the caps, available in black or white color, with attached recharge case. The latter follows the coloring of the headphones (also available in white or black). The black one has a weft, on the superficial surface similar to fabric, while the one in white color is like leather.

The surprises are not lacking since the “case” of the headphones has a battery of 2000 mAh guaranteeing an incredible life of the Pamu Slide. But that’s not all, in fact the case can also act as a base for wireless charging, by pressing twice on the small button on the side of the USB Type-C port. This feature is certainly useful but not essential (given also the rather slow wireless charging speed), but which can sometimes be convenient, especially in emergencies.

Finally, the case has LEDs at the top, which will light up every time we slide the appropriate slide, which indicate the level of remaining charge.

PaMu Slide Is The Best Buy or Chatter Only?


One of the features that really dumb me about the new Pamu slides is the pleasantness of use. Not only comfortable but with an audio almost at the top.

Let’s start with order.

Once you take the new pamu slide earphones out of the case, they will be ready to pair with your smartphone. It is possible to use them together but also singly, the important thing is that you leave the other headset inside the case, since the pairing will take place automatically.

Once you wear them, you will never separate them again. I was amazed both by their comfort but above all by their stability in their ears. In more than two weeks of use, I never fell, even during intensive training. Another advantage of Pamu Slides is their lightness.

Another absolutely positive aspect is the quality of the audio as far as the multimedia sector is concerned. Full-bodied, enveloping sound, excellent presence of bass, but not particularly high volume. Another noteworthy element is the environmental insulation of the headphones. There is no filter, but once you put it in your ears you will feel like you’re inside a soap bubble.

Unfortunately, they are not all roses, as the quality of the audio drops considerably during the call. The entry, both entry and exit, is quite metallic, presenting a considerable background noise. Not to mention the environmental isolation, almost non-existent. A minimum noise (wind, traffic or just the house fan) will suffice. Whoever hears from the other side will hear an absurd noise.

The Pamu slides are equipped with touch controls, allowing you to perform any activity simply by using the headphones.

Single Tap

  • answer / reject calls
  • play / pause music or video track

Prolonged Tap

  • right earpiece, volume up
  • left earphone, volume down

Double Tap

  • activation of virtual smartphone assistant (Siri, Google assistant etc.)
Padmate Wireless Earphones PaMu Slide Adopting QCC3020

Another aspect that is quite sharp is the case. The generous dimensions of this last one guarantee an incredible autonomy of the headphones, pity that it is practically impossible to put it in the pockets of the pants. Not only will we have to deal with its important dimensions, but be careful which way we will insert it into our pockets. Being equipped with a slide opening, if inserted in the direction of the latter sliding it will tend to open, risking to break. The general idea is not bad, but everything has been little optimized for user comfort.


The technical data sheet of the Pamu Slide reports that the new Padmate wireless in ear headphones have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, thus ensuring coupling between two devices simultaneously. During my test I never managed to connect two devices together (PC and smartphone or two smartphones).

As for the single coupling with the smartphone, it is practically immediate. Just slide the slide of the case and exit the headphones to make them available for pairing. On the software side, Padmate’s Pamu slides have no app, either for IOS or for Android. Therefore the experience of using audio cannot be personalized.


Another truly surprising aspect is their battery. Once out of their custody guarantee, with continuous use, about 10 hours of battery life. Duration that increases considerably every time we put them in the case, guaranteeing 6 full recharge cycles, for a total total battery of 60 hours, really approved.


The pamu slides are sold on indiegogo in two versions, a “standard” version with $ 49 (without wireless charging) and the other with $ 69 (with wireless charging for smartphones). At this price it is difficult to find better, especially as regards the pleasantness of use and the quality of the audio, as far as the music sector is concerned. Unfortunately the critical points are not lacking such as the connectivity (not guaranteeing the coupling with more devices) quality of the audio on call and the “excessive” dimension of the case. But surely at the price of $49 Padmate’s Pamu slides turn out to be real best buy, above all for a sound at the top for a use of pure entertainment, incredible battery and pleasantness of use. Telephone side, better opt for another.

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