PaMu Scroll: Quality Wireless Earphones at the Right Price

The pamu earbuds are like AirPods with undoubted qualities, proposed, for now, at an attractive price.

Apple’s AirPods have had great public success. Regardless of the data, it is enough to look around to understand that their style, and their functionality, meet the needs of a vast category of users, who wear them daily. This has led many competing company come in to the market , some offered at prices similar or higher than those of Apple’s, others instead of much lower ones, however present different compromises in terms of quality, both constructive and listening. PaMu scroll is a product born on Indiegogo and which has already had great success, collecting over 3 million dollars in funding.

At the beginning of the Indiegogo campaign, the Pamu Scrolls were sold for $39, a very attractive price given the quality of these earphones. Now the cost has now risen to $79, a figure still commensurate with what is offered, while the final price will be $149. If you intend to take a pair then, better not to wait too much, also because the work done by Pamu is excellent, from the design, unique in its kind.

The case that contains the earphones and recharges them has a particular cylindrical shape and is made of good quality leather, soft to the touch, available with different textures and colors. In the end part of the case is installed a Micro USB port, used to recharge the headphones and the integrated battery inside the case itself. Small LEDs placed on the opposite side of the Micro USB indicate the charge level of the case. Through an optional accessory, which attaches to the Micro USB port, the Pamu Scrolls can also be recharged wirelessly with PaMu wireless charging receiver.

PaMu Scroll Review: Quality Wireless Earphones at the Right Price

The opening of the case is distinguished by a plastic insert with a polygonal weft, equipped with a magnet, which keeps the case closed. Once opened, it is unrolled revealing the earphones, firmly in place thanks to a magnetic coupling system. This is useful not only to keep them in place, but also to store them properly once used, as the magnet guides the earbuds towards the recharging connectors, thus reducing the risk of incorrect placement.

Taken in hand, the first thing that strikes positively is the weight, only 5 g each, and the dimensions, really small for wireless headphones. The build quality is good, they are made of hard plastic that transmits a good feeling of resistance, light years away from low-cost products on the market. Each earpiece has a microphone for calls and a status LED, and the black side surface is used for touch controls. On the right the commands allow you to manage music playback and call answering, on the left instead the pressure activates the voice assistant, works with both Siri and Google Assistant.
A small note should be made to the sales pack, which in no way reflects the quality of the product. The Pamu Scrolls are shipped in an anonymous white box, which contains the instruction manual, also in English, the charging cable and three rubber pads to be applied to the earphones. These are all very generous dimensions, for the use we had to opt for the supports of another pair of headphones, which quickly solved the problem.

We used the Pamu Scroll in the most disparate conditions, traveling and sports, and we were amazed by the quality of these earphones. The pairing with iPhone is very simple, in fact there is not a button to turn them on or off: once removed from the case they light up by themselves, and turn off when they are put back into place. Once this is done for the first time, just take them out of the box to see the automatic pairing, starting immediately, connecting them immediately.
To describe the user experience we start with calls, which can also be managed by a single headset, the right one. Although there is this possibility, we recommend using both, in this way you can take advantage of the Binaural Audio function, which uses two microphones for better voice reception. The quality during calls is very good with the two earphones, a little less with just one, but it is normal since you cannot take advantage of the excellent sound insulation offered. Unlike Apple AirPods, these Pamus are in-ear and despite not having any active noise cancellation, once worn it is very difficult to hear sounds from the surrounding environment. The connection to the phone is very stable, also thanks to the use of Bluetooth 5.0, a welcome addition that denotes the attention in the realization of the product.
Another element that leaves us amazed, in this price range, is the IPx6 certification, which allows its use even during sports activities. Sweat does not affect these Pamu Scrolls, but be careful because there are no special supports that keep the earphones steady in the ear. Ergonomics are very good and if they are positioned at their best it is difficult to make them fall. During a dozen training sessions, between running and the gym, it happened only once to drop one of the two headphones. For sports, therefore, they are good but attention must be paid to positioning.

Great design, attention to the product and interesting features, but how do scrolls behave in music reproduction? We were expecting a sound spectrum set to bass, but we were surprised to hear a more balanced performance than usual, from the highs passing through the mids and lows. The latter are present but not too invasive, leaving the field free for a more balanced listening and suitable also for different musical genres. The 55 mAh batteries installed in the earphones allow you to use them for about three hours before recharging, which instead takes about two hours. These are not incredible numbers, but the small size of these headphones did not make it possible to do better unfortunately.

The Pamu Scrolls were a small and welcome surprise. The features that distinguish them are interesting and meet the needs of a large portion of users, from bluetooth 5.0 to the charging case, passing IPx6 certification up to compatibility with smartphone voice assistants. At the current price they are absolutely recommended if you are looking for good quality and low cost wireless in ear headphones, when the cost will rise to $ 149 it will be more difficult to see them stand out from the crowd, as you enter a price range where you can find them products of more famous brands, such as Sony or Apple. For now, however, the Pamu Scrolls are promoted with flying colors.

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